On Chicken Smoothie, there are Unreleased pets (UR pets.) They are considered some of the most wanted pets on CS, therefore they are very rare and valuable. They were first released on 18 December '08 with a very rare chance of adopting one. The URs were available to adopt at a small chance again on 18 December '09.

All UR pets were made by the creator of Chicken Smoothie, Tess.

UR's released in 2008Edit

  • UR cat
  • UR mint horse
  • UR butterfly wolf
  • UR banana

UR's released in 2009Edit

There are 3 other UR's, released in 2009. But on 18 december 2009, there was still a chance to adopt the UR's from previous year.

  • UR 09' dog
  • UR purple horse
  • UR apple

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