The moderators, or mods, are the ones who keep the forums clean and safe from spam and innapropriate content, along with the administrators. There are twelve, counting the admin helpers and the admins. You have to be eighteen years old to apply when the applications are open. Tess selects the moderators herself, so no one can say they are one if they aren't.

Global ModeratorsEdit

Global Moderators are the moderators whose usernames are green. The list of them are -

  • Shadow
  • moonlily
  • Satamoru
  • Compumon
  • Atwood
  • Coalchaser

Admin Assistant Edit

So far, there are only two admin assistants. Their job is self-explanatory; to help the administrators Tess and Nick. Their usernames are dark red, and very noticeable. They are Ricorn and Sorren Fey, both experienced members. They aren't 'scary' or 'mean', as they're only doing their job.

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